fredag den 10. april 2015

Outfit of the day - on a jet plane

Good morning, girls. Today is the day. I'm going to Prague! Actually, when you are reading this, I'm properly already in Prague. Our plane leaves way to early - we have to be at the airport by seven in the morning, which means we have to leave home around six - I'm already tired, just thinking about it.
But it will be worth it, when we get there, and we have a lot of time during the rest of the day.

But since I will be gone for a few days, my blog posts will be pre written. I just thought I would put it out there. I don't think I will have time to write a new blog post everyday, since we hope to go see a lot of things, while we are gone. But the blog will go on, and I hope that I can manage to post a post everyday. If I miss one, please forgive me. But I am on vacation ;)

Today I would share my outfit for the day with you. Since we are going to fly (not a long flight though, only a little over an hour) I wanted to wear something casual and comfy. And a dress is really comfy to me, since you don't have any jeans squeezing your stomach. 

Dress Tally Weijl. Blazer Primark. Shoes Deichmann. Bag Primark.

I'm trying to fit all of my clothes into a little carry-on suitcase, which is why I wear my wedges on the plane. Because I gotta have some kind of nice shoe with me, in case we want to go out and eat a little more fancy. But I chose wedges, since you never know how long you need to walk, and heels can just be to painfull.

I always think it's quite hard to find the right outfit for the plane, cause sometimes it's too hot, and sometimes it's too cold, so I wanted to wear some kind of layering. Therefor I went with this light blazer, which I will also use as a jacket in Prague (it should be a little warmer down there, so I don't need to bring a propper jacket)
And I took my bigger handbag with me, so I can fit all of those things, I don't want in the suitcase - for example iPad and camera.

So now I'm ready to go to the airport. See you soon! 

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