torsdag den 9. april 2015

Yet another spring jacket

Good morning, beautiful. How are you today? Right now, I'm just sitting here in front of the computer, eating my breakfast before I hit the gym for my morning workout. To be honest, I don't really want to go today, but I know I will regret it if I don't. 
What do you guys do for motivation on days like that? 

Some of you may remember this or this blog post, where I talked about my take on some amazing spring jackets. And guess what, I found another one.
I was visiting my parents in Germany a few weeks ago, and every time I go to Germany, I tend to shop. A lot. Especially in Primark, which has become one of my favorite stores. It's cheap, but you can still find some nice clothes, shoes and accessories. This time I found this gorgeous fake leather jacket for only 9 euro. Which is a crazy low price, for a nice jacket, if you ask me. 

Jacket Primark. Dress H&M.

When I chose my coats and jackets, I always reach for the black ones first. And it was actually the same with this jacket. Luckily the black one wasn't in my size, and I therefor went with the nude one instead. Which I'm really happy about now. Since I wear black and white to work everyday, I really wanna try to use colors (and yes, I say nude and beige is a color) more often, when I'm off work. And this jacket certainly helps with that.
No more black jackets for spring!

My boyfriend and I are taking our first trip together on saturday, going to Prague for four days, and I'm definitely bringing this jacket with me, since I think it can come in handy on both warm and colder days.

It is quite a short jacket, so it will not keep your lower back and booty warm, but since I'm planning on using this as a spring jacket, it wont be a problem. However it's also a thick jacket, so if you want to use it for fall, you can wear a long cardigan underneath, and it will properly do the job.
But no matter what you will use it for, this jacket is definitely worth the 9 euro!

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