torsdag den 23. april 2015

Outfit of the day - spring time

Good morning ladies. So todays outfit post, is actually the outfit I was wearing yesterday. But since I took a day off from the blog yesterday, it's going live a day late. Sometimes you just have to listen to your gut, and it was telling me to go to the beach yesterday, to catch up on some reading. Which was what I did for a few hours, until I had to come back to reality and go to work.

Skirt New Yorker. Top H&M. Cardigan Tally Weijl. Heels Deichmann.

So this was my look for the beach. I really wanted to get a bit of color to my pale legs, therefor I had on a skirt for the first time this year - without tights at least. Since there always is a bit of wind by the beach, I had on this gorgeous cardigan that I bought in Prauge. It has a bit of bohemian style to it, which is normally not my style, but I really like this one. I paired it up with a pair of wedges, to spice it up a bit, but still be casual enough for the beach.
Then I decided to do a few curls in my hair, just for a more beachy vibe ;)

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  3. Cool! Have a nice day sweetie!!

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  4. LOvely look
    LOve the necklace too

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