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My hair care tips

Hello ladies. Did you survive the first of April yesterday? I must admit that it's not my favorite day of the year, I don't trust anyone that day ;)

So today I thought we could talk a little about hair. Personally, my hair is my everything. I have quite long and healthy hair now, but I also take as much care of it, as I can.
When I was younger, I used to color my hair all the time. And blowdry it. And straighten it with a flat iron. And my hair was certainly not a fan of that. All my ends where split and dry. And when it comes to that point, there is almost no return; you have to cut it. And so I did. And it toke me many years to grow it out again. Therefor I now know how important it is to take care of your hair, and I want to share some of my tips with you.

Keep in mind that this might not work for you, doesn't sound like something you would do or you may just disagree, but this is just what worked for my thoughout the years.

  • Get a fresh start. How long has it been since you were visiting the hairdresser? The first step to get healthy hair, is to cut all of the dry and bad hair off. You may heard that it will make your hair grow faster, which is actually a liar. But it will seems like your hair is growing faster. When the ends of your hair is split and dry, it will break off faster. If it's healthy, it wont break as easily. And therefor it can look like your hair is growing faster.
  • Eat right. You can actually say that we are what we eat. Because it has an effect on our hair, nails and even our skin. If you eat right and drink a lot of water, your hair will start to look healthier.
  • Use the right shampoo. It's no science. If you have colored hair, use a shampoo for colored hair. If you have dry hair, use a shampoo for that. If you want more volume in your hair, use a shampoo for that - you get the point.
  • Dry it right. I think a lot of girls, like to walk around with their wet hair in a towel. But the towel is actually really damaging for your hair. Instead use a cotton t-shirt or one of these.
  • Use the right brush. Many of us, uses a brush, that pulls out most of the hairs. Which non of us like. Try with a tangle teezer instead. These are very gentle on the hair. I saw a big different after only a few weeks using one of these.
  • Put it up! Then you have long hair, and you let it hang loose, it rubs against your bag all day long, which is really tuff on the hair. When I'm at work, I always wear my hair in a braid. This will protect your hair from damaging.  

  • No color. Let's be honest. We all know that it's not healthy for the hair, when you put a lot of chemicals in it, to change the color. If you really want to have a different color, then try to stick with a tone similar to the one that you have. Don't go from blond to black..
  • Protect it. It's almost impossible not to blowdry or use a heating tool on your hair. So when you do, remember to use a heat protecting spray.
  • Use a hair mask. I use a hair mask 1-2 times a week. I use conditioner in my hair every single time I'm in the shower, and a conditioner is not a hair mask. And when you use a conditioner and a hair mask, only use it in the length of your hair. It will look really oily, if you use it in the roots.
  • Use hair oil. I always put some hair oil in my hair, when I'm done styling it. It will just keep the hair soft and smooth. But it's the same rule as with the conditioner and the mask, only use it in the ends.

This is some of my favorite hair products. First my Tangle teezer, that I use to brush my hair with. Next is a lifesaver, the coconut oil - I will write a post later, on all the things you can use coconut oil for, but here I will just tell you about the way you can use it in your hair. I normally use this as my hair mask. So before I go to bed, I put the oil in the ends off my hair. I use about a big teespoon, and it's enough for my long hair. Then I let it sit over night, and wash it out the next day, as I normally would wash my hair. Sometimes I also use a little bit as a normal hair oil, but then you don't need more than a pea size, so it won't look greasy. I also included two other hairpoils here: one from Elvital and a small one from Macadamia. These I use after I'm done with the styling of my hair, and I use them everyday. It will just make the hair look more smooth and soft.

Lastly I have a heat protecting spray from TREsemmé, and it's really important that you use a heat spray before using any hot tools on your hair. Of course it would be better if you just minimize the use of hot tools, but the spray will just protect it a little better.
And then my dry shampoo from Batiste. I've been showering everyday for many years, eventhough I know it's not that good for your hair. Therefor I'm trying to cut back a little, and here the dry shampoo really come in handy. SO I try to only wash my hair every other day, and the day where I don't wash it, I will use the dry shampoo, so my hair don't look greasy though the day.

So this is pretty much all of my hair care tips and hair routines. I hope some of the tips, will help a few of you.   

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  1. hair oils, right kind of shampoo and brush is a must for my hair!! :D

    Have a great Easter Sunday! :D
    Animated Confessions

  2. i should probably take better care of my hair, although i only wash it every couple days. love batiste as well!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Some times it's not the hair wash that will damage our hairs. The styling and the products we use, can sometimes be the much worse :)

  3. Whattt I had no idea that having wet hair wrapped in your towel is bad for you! I need to stop doing that then! Thanks for the tips!


    1. I was choked when I found out too! The towels are to hard on our hair, turbie twist is a lifesaver ;)

  4. Great tips for hair care
    I love to put hair mask and oil in my hair too

    Check my new post.
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