tirsdag den 31. marts 2015

March favorites

Good evening, beautiful. Can you believe that March is over in just a few hours? The first few month in this year, has just flown by, if you ask me. But times fly when you are having fun, right?
Today I want to share my March beauty favorites with you. Some of the things, I actually had for a very long time, but only started to use now. Where some is really new, so it's a good mix of everything.

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Let's start with my cleanser from Ole Henriksen. I am in love with everything Ole is making. So far I've seen a big difference in my skin, with all the products I used. This is one of my favorites, and my second container. This is from his African Red Tea collection, and it's the foaming cleanser.
I use this every night, after I removed my makeup, to get all of the extra dirt off my face, so I can go to bed with a clean face. And after only a week or two, I can see and feel a big difference on my skin, when all of my blackheads and spots are starting to go away.
It is, to be honest, a pricy product. But if you use this site, you can get a big discount. And I have a special code for you, so you can get 10% extra discount. Use the code "ILOVEIT", and safe a lot of money! The code is valid for this week only.

This month, I've also been using a specific eyeliner almost everyday. This one is from MaxFactor and is called Masterpiece glide and define, in a brown color. And since it is brown, it just give my makeup a more natural look, instead of a black eyeliner. I only use the eyeliner on top of my eyelashes, this way it will open up the eye more, and not frame it in, with a dark color. I've been wearing it for up till 15 hours per day, and it's stays in place all day long.

Next I have two palettes. The first is from Urban Decay, and is the naked basic palette. I've already written a little review on the naked 3 palette here, and it is no secret that I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay.
This palette is a little mix of a few colors from the three other big palettes, but in a lovely travel size. I chose this palette, since it has a lot of neutral colors, which is more my style. When ever I'm going somewhere, I bring this little guy as my only option for eyeshadow, because I can still create a lot of different looks, even with only six colors. 

The other palette, is a corrector and concealer palette from Sleak, and it's the no. 4 palette. It's not because I contour my face that often, but when I'm going out in the town or for dinner, I like to do a little extra. And here it really come in handy. It comes with a highlighter, a contour and a powder to set it all. It comes in a lot of different shades, so it suits everyone.    

And last, I have a few lip products. First I have two lipglosses. If you even seen Gossip Girl, Selena once said: Lipstick last longer, but lipgloss is more fun. And I agree. I also own a lot of lipglosses, but not so many lipsticks. But these two has been my favorites this month.
The first one is from Naked, and is called Lovechild. Urban Decay makes really pigmentet products, which is perfect when it comes to lipglosses in a light pink shade. I bought a lot of light pink pilglosses throughout the years, but never found one, that you could actually see on my lips. Until now. It lasts a long time, the color is very pigmentet and it isn't sticky. It basically has it all.
The next lipgloss is from NYC. I actually can't find a name on this one. I don't know if it maybe were on the packaging, but since I got this as a gift, I don't have that. But it's a nice nude color, which smells like caramel. And if you knew me, you would know, that I think that is the best smell ever! So that alone, is reason enough for me, to love this lipgloss!

The last two things, are these lipbalms from Nivea. Now, I know that one of them says Labello, but if you buy these in Germany, it will say Labello on the packaging, and not Nivea. I don't know why. Is it the same company? But anyway, it's not a knockout, it just has a different name in Germany.
But this is the best lipbalms I have ever used. I have all of them now, they made five in total. My mom got my the one with coconut, when I was visiting last week. She knows how much I like these, and how hard they are to get in Denmark. I think I have one on me everywhere I am. On my nightstand, in my bag, in my gym back, on my desk and one with all of my makeup. They really hydrate the lips, and leave them super soft. Plus they smell so delicious.  

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  1. Naked products are the best, i love them.


    1. I know, it's one of my favorite brands :)

  2. That lip butter looks really great

  3. Love the Naked brand and of course a fan of the Nivea balm! x

    1. They are expensive, but so worth it! :)

  4. lovely favourites!! i like the lip butters and naked palette!

    Happy April!
    Animated Confessions

    1. They are so effective.
      And the packaging is too cute ;)