mandag den 9. marts 2015

February favorites

Goodmorning everyone, and happy spring! The winter is finally over (then we just need some better weather..) but even in the short february month, I still manage to find some beauty favorites, that I would like to share with you.

My first favorites, is these nailpolishes from Essie. The first on is called Sand Tropez, and is a light brown/nude color, which I've been loving this february. The color really fits this time of year, since it's not dark, but still not so bright that it is only a summer color. 
The second one is called Mint Candy Apple, and is this gorgeous baby blue color. I bought this last summer, but I have been wearing it though out the year and found it again last month. It's a nice bright color, which make you think of summer, but like the first color, it's not so bright, that it's only a summer color. And Essie really make the best polishes! I'm starting to grow a big collection, couse the paint just last longer than any other nailpolish.

Second is my beloved eyeshadow palette Naked from Urban Decay. I bought this in january, and I actually used this almost every day since. It's an expensive litlle box, but you get what you pay for!
I chose the no. 3 palette, since I though the colors would suit me better, than the two other palettes. All the colors in the palette is high pigmented, which means you don't need to use a lot of product to get the look you want. The only color that is a little "meeeh" in the consistency is the color dust - the second color from the left. As the name says, it is really dusty and the glitter is all over if you don't apply it carefully. But eventhough it's really lose in the consistency, it's still on of my favorite colors, and I use it all the time! 
All in all, it is the best makeup thing I've ever bought!

EOS lipbalm w. coconut milk. I don't know how many of the eos lipbalms I have at home right now, but I love them so much! The packaging as well as the product, everything is perfection.
I recently got the two new editions coconut milk and vanilla mint, and I like both, but the pink one is by far my favorite. It smells so incredible, and it became the one that I grabs first.

Michael Kors body creme. So this is maybe not fair to put this in a favorites video, since it is not for individuel sale. At least not in Copenhagen. But I got this one in a christmas packaging, together with a Michael Kors parfume. The parfume is certainly one of my favorite ones (this one) but the body creme! It has the same lovely smell as the parfume, and your body will continue the smell though out the entire day. With a lot of other body lotions, I feel like the smell disappear after only an hour or two, but this stays on the whole day. Unfortunately I'm almost out of this wonder creme, so I may have to wait to next christmas to get another one.

Stay Matte foundation from Rimmel. This foundation! I've been using this for.. A while now. It has become my go to foundation. The product promise to keep your skin matte though the day, and it is almost true. I have very oily skin, at least when I'm wearing foundation, but this foundation keeps it away for many hours. I can wear it for about 6-7 hours, before my forehead gets shiny, but that is a lot longer than any other foundation. It is a little heavy on your skin, and you may have to get use to that before you like it, but it is also a high cover product. And it works wonders for me! 

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  1. Oh i love naked3 too.
    And essie is a must in my nails.

    Check my new post.
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  2. love the naked palette and eos lip balms!!

    Animated Confessions

  3. Mint Candy Apple is one of my all-time favorites from Essie! It's such a gorgeous shade and perfect for spring!

    The Haute Notes

    1. I know! It's so perfect for the warm seasons :)

  4. I love all of these products, and your pictures are lovely :)