onsdag den 18. marts 2015

Outfit of the day

A late happy skt. Patrick's day, to all of you, who celebrate the day. Here in Denmark, we don't celebrate it, but on social media it kinda exploded yesterday. I spend my Skt. Patrick's day shopping. I got an invitation to a Malene Birger sale, where they really knock down all the prices. I had soo much clothes and shoes, but since my boyfriend and I just bought a trip to Prague in april, I put most of it back, to safe some money for out trip. But I could not let these shoes go! I have a really hard time finding shoes that fit me, since I use a size 36, but this time I finally found some.

It's a really classic and casual shoe, with the iconic print of Malene Birger. When I was younger, I hated shoes with the pointy tip, but I'm so in love with these! The heel is not so high, so they are really comfy to wear. I haven't put them to the big test yet (eight hours at work) but so far they are really comfortable to wear.

Today I wear them with a black and white floral dress, that I got from H&M a few weeks ago. I'm not really good at mixing different prints together, but I think the dress and the shoes actually goes really great together. And the spring is starting to kick in now, so it's the perfect time to wear the cute dresses again - but it's still too cold for bare legs though.

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