tirsdag den 3. marts 2015

First post.

Welcome (back) to my blog! After a long break, I'm starting this site up again. Maybe you been a follower since the beginning, maybe you just came across this blog. Whatever the reason, welcome.
I will start this up with a little "get to know me" post, since I want this to be a more personal blog, than it used to be. And what better way to start it off, than with a lot of random facts!

And if you are wondering, yes, this blog used to be in danish. However a lot of my followers are from the US or UK, therefor I will try to keep this in english - if you want it in danish, use the translation button to the right! 

1. I'm born in '90, which means that I'm 24 years old. 2. I live in Copenhagen, in my own apartment. 3. My parents live in Germany, but no German in my blood though. 4. I've colored my hair so many times, that I'm not sure what color my natural hair is.. It's a brown color though. 5. I have eight tattos. But I am pretty sure it will stop here! 6. My favorite movies is Beauty and the Beast and Edward Scissorhands - I'm a huge Tim Burton fan. 7. Which is why I went to Prague last summer, just to see his exhibition. 8. I am terrified of clowns. And dolls. Yup, I've saw IT and the Chucky films, when I was a little girl.. 9. My all time favorite band, is Good Charlotte. However I'm not a fan of the Madden brothers own band. 10. I start every morning of with a cafe latte. I hate black coffee though. 11. I cannot stand raw onions and mushrooms. And I think fish is boring. 12. I wear nailpolish on my nails, almost every day. Also on my toes! 13. My favorite kind of dogs, is the ones with a flat noses - pugs, boxers, bulldogs etc. 14. My favorite color has always been yellow. However I do not own anything yellow.. 15. I work in a lovely hotel in Copenhagen.

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