torsdag den 12. marts 2015

The perfect spring jacket - part one.

Hello beautiful friends. Sorry for the few days without a blog post, but I've been so busy on the hotel lately, so it's been hard to keep up with everything! So I finally got some extra time on my hands to show you this jacket, that I been wanting to show you for a while now. My take on the perfect spring jacket - and I made this into two parts, since I got two beautiful jackets to show you.

I recently bought this jacket, after I saw a colleague of mine, wearing it. And I fell in love! It comes in three colors; white, pink and grey'ish. It is from the store vero moda, and I tried to find it only, but could only find this one, which I think is just a shorter version of mine. But it's still available in the store.  

It's made out of this super soft material, that makes it perfect for the colder days. And still it's not to warm, to wear in the nice spring days. I even wear it at home sometimes, just because it's so soft and comfortable to wear.
The only downsite, is that you tend to drawn in it, because it is kinda big. Mine is in a small size, and even this is a little to big for me. But then again, you can eat an extra cookie, and no one can tell ;)
Have you found your perfect spring jacket yet?

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