mandag den 23. marts 2015

My no-makeup makeup look

Good morning girls. So today I want to share my everyday makeup essentials with you. This is simply what I use to get ready everyday, when I just have to get to work, run errands or meet some friends for a coffee.
When I was younger, I always spend a lot of time getting ready. In my teenager years, I could easily spend one too two hours getting for ready for school. Now I can get ready in around fifteen minutes.

This foundation I been using for a few month now. It's the stay matte foundation from Rimmel. The consistency of the foundation is actually quite thick, however it feels really light on the skin. It gives a great coverage and stays on for hours. I use a concealer from Nilens Jord, which I also use as a highlighter on the bridge of my nose and on my cheekbones. Underneath my cheekbones I use this conture powder from L'oreal. And that pretty much sums up my skin routine for makeup.

I use the eyebrow kit from Wet n' wild, to define my brows. It's only a few years ago, since I started to do my brows to. I didn't realize how big of a difference it really makes. Now I just do them as a part of my everyday makeup routine.

On my eyelids I only use two colors. I use the palette naked basics 2 from Urban Decay. I use the color naked 2 on my eyelid and the color faint in my crease. To finish the eyes, I use a few layers of mascara. Today I used one from essence.

To finish the look, I normally just use a lipbalm or, like today, a nude lipstick. This one is from w7 in the color naked. It's a matte lipstick, and after a few hours it will dry my lips, so I always remember to have a lipbalm on me, so I can fix the lipstick so my lips don't look dry.

How much time do you guys need to get ready in the morning?

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  1. I also have that foundation and I'm very pleased of it. ;)

    I'm your follower now, if you want to follow back :D

    1. I think it´s amazing :p

      Thanks for the follow! I´m following you back - really great blog :)

  2. Really beautiful look - I love the fact that this no-makeup look really does look so natural because oftentimes so many don't.

    Rae | love from berlin

  3. Love the natural look!

  4. This look is so natural and pretty

    1. Thanks :) Sometimes natural is the best :)

  5. such a beautiful face!! :D

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions