fredag den 10. april 2015

Outfits of Prague

Hello, beautiful girls.

I don't really know why, but the blog is playing with me. So far the two last posts ser set as dated the 10 of april. However I'm uploading this on sunday the 12. Hm.. Technical problems..

I'm in Prague! The weather is beautiful here, especially compared to the weather in Copenhagen. It's nice to feel some true spring weather. We haven't really been around the city much yet, since we were a little tired yesterday and just walked a little around the city. But today we will start the journey!
The only think I don't like about traveling, is the packing. I'm not very good at planning my outfits for days in advance, and therefor I tend to over pack. A lot. But this time I think I manage to do a good job. And everything could fit in a carry-on suitcase. 

Day one.

Dress H&M. Jacket Creme Fraiche. Wedges Deichmann.
(Awkward try-not-to-laugh face)
As I mentioned yesterday, I love wearing dresses, since it's the clothing piece I found most comfortable. Therefor I brought two dresses (plus the one I was wearing on the plane) on my trip. The first one, is a simple dress from H&M, but in a very bold blue color, which I find perfect for spring.
I paired it up with my light jacket, just in case I would get a little chilly during the day. I really think that the nude and blue goes great together.
And since it's the first day, my feet are not tired yet, so I can wear my wedges with this outfit. 

Day two.

Dress H&M. Jacket Creme Fraiche. Shoes Primark. Bag Primark.

And dress number two. Today it's shopping day! Therefor I brought my big bag, so I don't need to carry to many plastic bags, hehe.
Todays dress is also a ready casual dress, which is also from H&M. I think they have some amazing basic pieces there, so I have a lot of these kinda dresses. Like the day before, I'm also bringing my jacket, since you never know when it's going to be a little cold. I have my flat shoes on today. By this time, I walked around in wedges for two days, so now my feet need a little break. 

Day three.

Shirt, shoes and bag Primark. Jeans Tally Weijl.

Today is our last day, but since we are not leaving until the evening, we still have some sightseeing to do. And for sightseeing, I also want to wear flats, since you don't know how much you will end up walking.
As we are going home later, I wear a loose shirt, since I don't want to wear anything to tight on our way home. I also brought this cute little bag with me, to carry all my necessities as my wallet, phone, camera and of course the key to the hotel. 

So this will be all my outfits for Prauge. I still think it's a challenge to pre pick your outfits, but as long as the weather will stick to the schedule, I think I will be oay with these three outfits.
Do you also pre pick your outfits, or do you just bring a bit of everything with you? 

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  1. You look so pretty in those outfits!

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  2. All of these outfits are so chic! I always try to pre-pick my outfits and pick out at least three extra outfits in case of unpredictable weather changes!


    1. I also picked out a few extra outfits in the end. I didn't need them, but at least I had options ;)