onsdag den 15. april 2015

Small things

Hello beauties. So I'm home again from Prague, and what a beautiful trip. I've been to Prague once before, and I don't think I will ever get tired of this city. It's so beautiful!
I'm sorry that it didn't really worked with the posts during my vacation. I don't know how, but all of the posts I made, looked like they all were posted on friday. Which they weren't. But then I gave up, and just wanted to continue when I got back home again. So here I am! 

Today I have a really light post for you. A few peeks into my everyday, with these small things.  

My boyfriend and I stayed at a four star hotel in Prague. And it was so lovely - however their breakfast buffet, was not anything fancy. So I was so excited to get home, and cook my own breakfast again. these pancakes, a lot of fruit and a good cup of coffee.

Working at a hotel, we often get a lot of left overs from the meetings during the day. Today it was these fancy little cupcakes, which tasted amazing! 

And then my favorite things from my trip to Prague, in one picture. When we got to CPH airport, I bought this cover. I love Malene Birger, so I had to get this beautiful cover. In Prague we went to a lovely chocolate store, but they also had macarons, which is one of my favorite sweets. So I had to get a little box. And then I got this beautiful ring from Swarovski. We were looking at the store and I found this ring that I really wanted, but I wanted to wait a day or two before I bought it. But when I finally decided to buy it, he said that he wanted to buy it for me. He's a keeper! ;) 

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  1. I always enjoy your posts so much! Hope you have a lovely week ahead <3
    Love from Dubai,


    1. Aww, thank you so much :)
      And same to you <3